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Hi! My name is Gerald Venzl, I’m an Austrian citizen and this is my technical blog. This blog is intended to cover (mainly) IT related content that I come across during my life. So what do I do for a living? I work for the Oracle Corporation in London, UK as product specialist in the CoreTech team. But a story should always start at the beginning – except Star Wars of course! 😉 – so let’s go all the way back and see how I got into IT:
I started my carrier as PL/SQL and SQLWindows (nowadays known as Team Developer I believe) programmer just after the Dot-Com time. I was part of a small developer company (about 5 people) which built an ERP system for the planning office of electricians, plumbers and so on. Over time I grew into the position of the DBA as well due to the size of the team. Interested about Oracle and how that stuff works I tried and still try to gain as much knowledge as possible about it. It didn’t took long and I started to read papers, websites and blogs about Oracle and soon I figured out that a lot in IT is around performance or shall I say performance problems. That was the point where I also took the role of the performance engineer in that company which didn’t yet exist. Performance tuning  was mainly database tuning as most of the application code resided in PL/SQL. However, I took on all performance related problems and so, besides general coding, performance tuning became a general task for me. Although I didn’t had much clue at the beginning, it allowed me to gain more and more insights into computer science and performance engineering. It didn’t took long and I was really fascinated about the world around performance, how to optimize code as well as the database and what you can actually do, when you do it right. Or shall I say: What you can actually prevent yourself from doing when you do it wrong. Sometimes just the smallest things can have dramatic impact on a system and yet on the other hand they maybe don’t matter at all. Soon my thirst for knowledge around performance couldn’t be saturated within the company anymore, mainly because it was just around the database tuning, and so I decided to move on. Fortunately I found the position I was looking for pretty quick and so I switched to an international company in the financial sector back in 2007. My role evolved from a Database Performance Engineer to a Performance Engineer. Now I was working with development, but entirely working on performance tuning and my focus broadened from database to application, database all the way down to the OS.  In October 2009 I then got the opportunity to move from the Austrian development office over to New York City, US working out in the field at the client side. This gave me the chance to move from the “peaceful” development environment out into the battle zone where the pressure is on. I did that for almost 3 years but then I got the chance to join Oracle as product specialis. Realizing that this position would give me even more insights and chances, I could not refuse the offer and I haven’t regretted it so far…

One last thing to say: This is my personal blog with which I intend to share my knowledge that I gain during my profession in IT. As this blog is personal, the views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle and its affiliates!

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